Monday, July 2, 2007

Best Summer Yet.

I went to Michigan to visit my grandma and grandpa. My cousins also live near them, so they were there the whole time. Me and my brother go to my grandma's house, and then all four of the cousins come over and spend the night for all three weeks we're there. My cousins' names are Will, Devin, Jacqueline, and Dakota. Out of the four of them, I like Jacqueline the most. After that, though, come Will. Will is fifteen and he is nicer to me than my own brother. He stuck up for me at times when my brother didn't. Jonathan is only a few months older than Will, so Will is the second oldest. I'm the third, then Devin, Jacqueline, and then Dakota. We did something every weekend. One weekend, we went to a theme park/water park in Ohio called Geauga Lake. It was fun. I stayed mostly at the water park. Me and Devin did go to the amusement park later and ride ONE ride. I was like, "Devin, why did we walk all the way across this freaking bridge that's about a mile long, only to ride one flippin' ride?!!?" He told me that the other one he really wanted to go on was shut down, so he got bummed out and wanted to go back to the water park. We left about fifteen minutes after that. We rented a cabana. It was nice. Me, Jacqeline, and Will all fell asleep. Jonathan did eventually, but not before talking to his stupid girlfriend.
Another weekend, we went to my second cousin's birthday party. It wasn't all that much fun. My cousins and brother were flirting with these two sophomores name Amanda and Sasha. It was mainly Devin, which is not great. Devin is only thirteen, and the girls were fifteen. Ha ha.
Devin and I fight A LOT. We get into physical fights as well as verbal. I know I probably shouldn't because he is about forty times stronger than me, but it's fun. :D Usually it wouldn't last long, and we would end soon, but then there were a few times when it lasted pretty long. Sometimes Will would notice Devin being too harsh or something and tell him to lay off, which makes me like him better than Devin! When we do get in fist fights, I know Devin uses restraint because he doesn't hit me too hard. I know how strong he can be.
One time a year ago, Devin heard a kid making fun of Jacqueline, and he got defensive. Of course, he thought the kid was already annoying, so he had that going too. Devin hit the guy so hard that his eyes swelled ten sizes, no joke. It was black and blue and swollen shut. The stupid kid's mom called the cops. Luckily, they didn't do anything too harsh, they just made him apologize. I loved this summer a lot. I wouldn't have traded it for anything. And I already miss Will and Dev. Jacqueline is here with me because she came with my grandma. We have to help my mom out when she is done with her surgery.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

I Don't Care What The Title Is!

I've spent the weekend with my mommy and had fun. We rented some movies, and one was funny, while the other two made me cry. The one that was funny was Because I Said So with Mandy Moore, Piper Parabo, Diane West, and Lauren Graham (I think that's her name). It also has the Guy (ha ha) from That Thing You Do. It was funny, yet I wanted to slap the mom a few times. She pries waaaay too much! The two that made me cry were Deja Vu and Stomp the Yard. I know that they're both not supposed to be sad, per say, but I cried anyways. Chris Brown is in Stomp the Yard, and...well, I don't want to give anything away. I guess the previews kinda did, but I won't! And Deja Vu has Denzel Washington and Val Kilmer in it. It also has Adam Goldberg, that one guy from Saving Private Ryan. Ha ha. I also watched Good Will Hunting on cable. I love Matt Damon. I laughed so hard when he was talking to the guy and he asked him if he like apples. They guy said yeah, and Damon replied, "Well, I got her number. How ya like them apples??!!" You see, this guy was like pretending to be smart and harassing this girl and such. It was quite funny. I also talked a bunch on Facebook, and got a message from someone I didn't believe would ever talk to me again. He lives in Benton, but I used to talk to him a lot from Facebook and such. I haven't exactly changed my mind on him, but I'm glad he finally is talking to me about why he wasn't talking to me. Ha ha, if that made sense, well...let's just say it may have been hard to follow along! That's all for this time.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Liana vs. The Pig

So we were at Refuge last night for Senior... well, Wednesday, I guess. Anyways, we were going around looking at things that had been set up. As my friends and I were getting in line for food, I noticed a giant PIG on the table. It was a real...DEAD...pig!!! I couldn't believe it. I've heard people say that they were gagging and thought they were going to throw up at something nasty. I never have really felt that way, but once I saw that pig, oh my. I was running to the bathroom, screaming. Not really, but makes for a good story, right?? The pig part is real, but not the part where I ran to the bathroom. I had a little bit of the pig, but I tell ya, that was enough to make me want to become a vegetarian. Of course, I don't think I could live without meat, but it was really disgusting.

Well, back to the Senior part, we had some moments. It was great to see the two girls up at the front of the room with their parents. I knew both of them pretty well, and love both of them like my sisters. One of the girls, one that I have known since I was around three or so, only had her father. Her parents are divorced, and her mom was in Oklahoma. Her dad was tearing up when he was talking about her childhood, and I thought I felt a warm tear roll down my already flushed cheeks. The other one, who I also know pretty well, had both of her parents. I know this is totally beside the point, but since I'm a girl that can't keep her mind off of guys, there was a REALLY hot guy that came. He's newish, but I haven't seen him more than once. They have gone to our church more than five times, but I've only seen them that one time. Well, I guess I've seen them twice now that they were at church last night. Well, that's pretty much how my day was, besides having a hiney-load of homework.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Friends are what makes your life worth living,
When you're sad and lone, just look toward your friends,
They know when you need it, their advice is worth giving.

You can cry your eyes out and they'll be there for you,
You can kick and scream and fight all you'd like,
But friends know how you feel and will help you through.

Don't lose hope when times are rough,
Things may be hard and you may want to,
But friends are there to keep you tough.

You know you have feelings deep down you need to let out,
You think no one else knows what you're going through,
But friends are there to hear you scream and shout.

Freinds are there to guide you,
Through thick and thin, they're there,
As time passes by, you know that one thing is true.


Friends are there to the end. Please tell me if you like it, & gimme feedback!

Almost There

I have had a lot of fun this school year. Don't get me wrong, I am REALLY happy that it's almost over, but I can't help but feel that a part of my life is going to stay at my middle school. I am going to high school next year and can't believe it. I am terrified, yet can't wait. Some of my friends aren't going to be here next year, so I'm pretty bummed about that. My best friend, in fact, is moving to Florida.

Our middle school split last year into two different middle schools altogether. Some of my friends in seventh grade went to the other one. I will get to see them next year, so that is one good thing about going on up. Although it's going to be the same people I have gone to school with all my middle school days, high school is totally different. There is much more freedom, so I've heard, and I'm not sure I can take freedom and make it my own. . .safely. It's also an entire new building, in facts, it's an entire new set of buildings. I'm sad, yet happy; anxious, yet hesitant; exhausted, yet hyper.
High School. Wow.